Ukrainian Artist Creates Adorable Wool Sculptures

Meet Ukraine designer and artist Hanna Dovhan who loves to create lovable sculptures.  Her unique talent melt people’s hearts through her amazing creative felted wool sculptures. Her work is focused on happiness, positivity and love.

She owns an Instagram page where she posts her amazing work from a family of croissants to a couple of avocados. You will simply be amazed with her awesome work.

Every artist need to be respected for their work because they take part in changing the world into a better place. In addition, they spend and invest a lot in making sure their craftsmanship is the best quality.

Her art is the perfect remedy for when you are feeling low. You can help but smile when you go through her collection – it’s just too adorable.

If you love fiber arts, you will be excited to see Hanna’s work because she is a pro in the art.

Check out her work below!