Upcycled Metal Art Robots by Bruno Lefevre-Brauer

Bruno Lefevre-Brauer creates upcycled metal robots under his brand +Robots.

“More than their technological features, he tries to reveal the original, almost primitive, form of the robots he creates,” Lefevre-Brauer explains. “+Brauer carefully chooses vintage objects that have an industrial past, that are marked by time and whose patina has been moulded by years of manual use. He admires the beauty, sometimes hidden, of these discarded industrial parts, alters their appearance, sculpts them, and incorporates light sources into their structure before assembling the parts together to create a unique and poetic piece.”

“The beauty of the materials and the venerable patinas express their beauty in the light of day, while at night, it is the turn of the strange, evocative light fittings to reveal their magic. Abandoned or forgotten in workshops and garages, the industrial parts are reborn in unique works of art that embrace us with their kind presence, imposing personality, and amazing humanity. Each piece is a statement of poetic resistance to mass-consumption.”

His work can be seen in numerous exhibitions around the world, in cities like Amsterdam, Madrid, Geneva, Taipei, Dubai, and more.

See his work below.