Victoria Velozo Captures the Raw Beauty of Grassland Birds

Painter Victoria Velozo admits that her personal style involves continuously creating tension in her artwork. This tension is achieved through the combined use of premeditated realism and abstract improvisation. “Realism is used as a measure of my ability and the abstract work displays my artistic expression,” she wrote in a piece published on Artsy Shark.

A tension also exists in the combination of mediums that goes into each piece. In order to capture the raw beauty of nature, Velozo combines a range of traditional mediums such as oil, watercolor, and acrylic paint all in the same painting. The result is striking, if unnerving.

Centered around flora and fauna, her most recent series zooms in on the rich birdlife inhabiting grasslands. Birds such as crows, ravens, and eagles are seen throughout her work, placed against an abstract landscape that demands attention.

According to Velozo, grasslands are among our most vulnerable and endangered habitats due to urbanization. As such, she hopes that her paintings call attention to the preservation of such fragile environments. “I want to create a subconscious connection to the environment,” the Australian artist remarked. “I believe viewing a painting of nature evokes an intuitive reminder of the fragility and sacredness of the natural world.”

Below you’ll find some highlights from her Instagram page.