Vintage Russian Star Wars Posters

One of the most unique legacies of the Soviet Union was its strange but charming perception of the world. Today we have a new example of their peculiar perspective that is often foreign to us, and it’s the Soviet posters for the first trilogy of Star Wars, which were used to promote George Lucas’ famous movies between 1978 and 1990 in the cinemas of Russia, Poland and Hungary. 

During the Cold War, communications between the Soviet Union and the United States were deeply restricted. However, some American artistic expressions were allowed in the USSR under certain strict rules and this was the case of the cinema. All movies had to pass a thorough review by the government. 

Posters were considered “propaganda material” and their reproductions were strictly prohibited. Therefore, local artists were in charge of reinterpreting the film and creating a poster that complied with the governmental design and message standards. 

That means that artists such as Yury Bokser and Alexander Chantsev were in charge of creating truly original works of art, which were full of colors, distortions, symbolisms and strange elements that today seem profoundly strange to the Star Wars fans. 

You can see few of these rare posters in the photos bellow.