Watch the Homer Food Tour Recreated in 60 Seconds

Is there an animated television show, or any TV show for that matter, that’s as iconic and as relevant as The Simpsons?

First airing in 1989, The Simpsons has managed to stay relevant over time. In fact, it’s been so relevant that the show’s creator, Matt Groening, has been referred to as a time traveler after the show has continuously and successfully predicted some of the things that have happened or are still currently happening in the world today.

The Simpsons is currently the longest-running American sitcom and scripted primetime television series in history. Over the years, the show has inspired many fans to do some pretty outrageous stuff.

Katrin von Niederhäusern and her friend Janine decided to recreate Homer’s Food Tour from the episode, “Lisa Gets the Blues,” which aired back in 2018 for the show’s 29th season. Although the episode mostly revolved around Lisa, it also featured Homer going on an absolute food binge as he discovers all of the good food that the city of New Orleans has to offer.

Be sure to scroll down below to see these women try to recreate, in hilarious fashion, what happened during Homer’s food tour.