What Sarah’s Scribbles Taught Us about Adulthood Through Art

Sarah Andersen is a 26-year-old cartoonist and illustrator based in Brooklyn. In 2011, she began her webcomic, Sarah’s Scribbles, a collection of relatable mini-stories of self-deprecating millennial humor.

Since a lot of millennials feel unequipped for ‘adulthood’, Sarah’s Scribbles really struck a chord with our generation – and with growing popularity, Andersen has published in print three collections of the misadventures of Sarah – the semi-autobiographical heroine of the comic – including Adulthood is a Myth (2016), Big Mushy Happy Lump (2017), and most recently, Herding Cats (2018).

Since the millennial generation is united via the Internet across continents, and people from many countries are reading Sarah’s Scribbles, the comics are regularly translated in different languages, including Spanish, Turkish, and Italian.

Sarah’s Scribbles include topics like the difficulties of being a ‘functioning’ adult, ranging from managing stress, bills, and food habits, to the experiences of Sarah, her friends, and her beloved pets. Anyone who has read a Scribbles comic knows that when Sarah isn’t hanging out with her trusty white rabbit or cheeky black cat, she is making her friends feel like the goddesses they are. Unless, of course, her period comes around, and most uterus owners can relate to that, too.

Scroll down to check out some of Sarah’s work:

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