Yen Jui-Lin’s Quirky Wooden Figurines

Image via yenswood/Instagram

Yen Jui-Lin is a woodworker from Taiwan. In his free time, he likes to carve cheerful dolls and figurines of wood that he gives to his children. Most of those are in fact designed in tandem with his two kids, who share ideas and sketches that their father later brings to life using different woods and varnishes.

The dolls sadly are not offered for sale, but because Yen Jui-Lin regularly publishes pictures of them on his Facebook page, people can still enjoy his creations. They just are too delightful to miss the chance to share them with the world.

Many of the wooden figures serve as toys, but there are also those that have a useful function. For example, birds that can be used as a vase, or the pig that provides you with a place to hang your keys.

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