You’ll Have a Hard Time Believing These Sculptures are Made of Paper

Michael Velliquette is an American artist who takes paper art to a whole new level. Instead of replicating swans or roses, Velliquette is creating elaborate sculptures and architectural designs that are so impressive that you’ll have a hard time believing they are made out of paper.

Despite being made out of delicate material, Velliquette’s creations display a surprising level of durability and stability. Case in point below.

“Paper comes in endless forms,” the artist told Colosall in a recent chat. “It can be used in multiple dimensions. It is easy to handle and manipulate, and it is available anywhere. It is inherently ephemeral, but given the right conditions, it can last for centuries.”

Over the course of his 20-year career, Velliquette had 150 exhibitions in museums and galleries all over the world. His work is in part of the permanent collection in Chazen Museum of Art; the Art Museum of South Texas; the Racine Art Museum; The John Michael Kohler Art Center; and others.

Check out more of his works below.