Zena Holloway Grows Clothes and Sculptures Out of Grass Roots

Zena Holloway has a vision of the future where the material world “is grown, not made.“ But instead of waiting to see whether that future will materialize, she is trying to bring it to life today.

Holloway, a respected name in underwater photography, grows clothes and sculpture-like objects out of grass roots. She is considered a pioneer in this field, and her techniques and methods are laying the groundwork for sustainable fashion and art.

According to Holloway, she got the idea to use grass roots as a material while exploring solutions that would help solve the problem of plastic pollution. While doing some research at her local river, she noticed that the roots of a willow tree look similar to textiles. At that point, a thought crossed her mind: “What if we could grow clothes from seed?”

Holloway started working on bringing her idea to life and has managed to do so quite efficiently. She grows wheatgrass into beeswax templates, creating pieces of clothing, accessories, and sculptures out of grass roots. The final results are quite impressive and indicate that Holloway’s idea of sustainable fashion could actually be possible.

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