3D Artist Creates Fossilized Skulls of Famous Cartoon Characters

Filip Hodas is an artist from Prague whose recent work includes a series of 3D sculptures showing fossilized skulls of famous cartoon characters. Hodas’ Cartoon Fossils series features Minnie Mouse, Spongebob, Tweety Bird, and many other characters. Next to each sculpture, he added a year when each character first appeared on TV and their made-up zoological names.

“Initially, I wanted to make them stylized as dinosaur fossils set up in a museum environment, but later decided against it, as the skulls didn’t look very recognizable on their own—especially with parts broken or missing. That’s why I opted for (a) less damaged look and also added some assets to each of the characters,” This is Colossal quoted the artist.

Scroll down to see how Hodas made the sculptures. He used a bunch of programs like Cinema 4D, Zbrush, 3D Coat, and more to create each of them and we can really see that he put a lot of effort into this collection.