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Divine Metal Sculptures By Ian Fichman

Ian Fichman is a sculptor and illustrator located in Miami, Florida. He was introduced to metalwork in 2002. Fichman was free to explore many possibilities of this art medium,...

Artist Makes Art Pieces By Using Rocks, Stones And Leaves

Mother Nature can be a ‘spark of inspiration’ that stirs within writers, musicians, and artists helping them to tap into their creative juices. James Brunt describes himself as artist...

Artist Explores the Many Ways Shapes and Colors Interact with Each Other

Multi-disciplinary artist, Ellen Rutt, makes anything and everything, from paintings and murals to installations and wearable art. All created with a distinctive style that is bold, vibrant and graphic.

Amanda Cobbett Embroiders Nature, Quite Literally

Look closely: the pictures you see before you aren't of mushrooms, moss or discarded pieces of wood. Rather they are delicate sculptures made of stitch, papier mache, and pyrography.

Newest Monumental Sculpture In Venice By Lorenzo Quinn

Artist Lorenzo Quinn is back again with another awesome piece of art after launching his sculpture for the 2017 Venice Biennale. Quinn has built a six pairs of hands...

These Sculptures Raise Awareness About Plastics Pollution

Angela Haseltine Pozzi was a thriving artist, based in Portland, Oregon, when tragedy hit in 2002. Looking for meaning in life she went to the ocean to heal, but...

This Gifted Pastry Chef’s Chocolate Sculptures are Perfection

Amaury Guichon is a gifted French pastry chef who has become a real Instagram star by posting on his account his stunning creations! 27-year-old Franco-Swiss, Guichon first became known thanks to the...

Artist Creates Adorable Fantasy Artwork

Caralyn Edwards is an artist who specializes in fantasy and Steampunk artwork. She has done a wide range of pieces with different materials. Polymer clay is one of the...

Artist Turns Old Tyres Into Stunning Sculptures

Meet Nkwocha Ernest an artist from Nigeria. He turns discarded old tyres into awesome sculptures. "I'm trying to sanitise the environment - and as well sensitise...

Sculptor Transforms the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

We can't get enough of Genesis Belanger's surrealistic creations! The Brooklyn-based sculptor turns everyday objects such as cigarette stubs and soda cans, into fantastical, if comical, pieces of art.


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