Kirsty Elson Transforms Driftwood into Quirky Animal Sculptures

Most people don’t see anything special in driftwood. They just ignore it or occasionally pick it up to build a campfire. However, for artist Kirsty Elson, driftwood is a perfect sculpture material.

Elson collects driftwood and transforms it into whimsical animal sculpture in the most amazing way. By strategically placing a few pieces of scrap metals or adding some paint, a mundane plank can become a dog, and a broken wooden block gets turned into a whale.

Making art out of driftwood and discarded material isn’t new for Elson. She has been collecting old objects and giving them a new purpose for a long time, including a project in which she crafted tiny houses and idyllic scenery. But recently, she has been fully focused on her animal sculptures.

“I’m thoroughly enjoying this new path, as I can be even more playful and inject some humor into my work, which I think is a nice distraction in these troubled times,” Elson told Colossal in a recent chat.

Elson frequently shares her newest driftwood creations on social media. She also has an Etsy shop where she sells the pieces she makes. You can check out more of them by scrolling below.