Nadine Ghosn and Crayola Team Up for Intriguing Bracelets

Image via nadineghosnjewelry /Instagram

Over the years, we have seen Crayola crayons being used for much more than just drawing and writing. People are carving them, placing them in resin to create tabletops and much more. Inspired by the versatility of Crayola crayons as well as their iconic look, jewelry designer Nadine Ghosn recently decided to create a line of intriguing bracelets.

Ghosn and Crayola teamed up to release bracelets that look exactly like Crayola crayons but won’t break or melt when placed on your wrist. Just like Crayola crayons, these bracelets, called “Color-FULL,” come in all sorts of colors and feature a golden “cover,” so it shouldn’t be hard to find the one you like. There is also a white crayon bracelet that features a gray cover.

Additionally, Ghosn also created a collection of rings inspired by Crayola crayons.

However, these Crayola crayon bracelets and rings are not cheap. Being sold through British online marketplace DSML E-SHOP, the price of bracelets ranges from £18,100 ($23,130) to £18,950 ($24,210), while the rings are priced at £6,400 ($8,178).

This isn’t the first time Ghosn has reached out to art supplies for inspiration. Previously, the jewelry designer presented bracelets inspired by regular pencils and iconic BIC pens.