Artist Carves Leaves Into Charming Scenes of People and Nature

Families sharing moments of comfort, people interacting with nature, and animals enjoying their freedom are just some of the scenes that live in the leaf art made by Riane Leafworks.

This Tokyo, Japan-based artist manages to capture all sorts of wholesome moments onto a single leaf. Most of the time, Riane uses the leaves that fall from the tree as part of its life cycle, saving them from being crushed and allowing them to continue their existence as a piece of art.

According to Riane, her leaf art allows her to express “her unique sensibility and worldview” while focusing her creative efforts “on the beauty of people and nature, the activities of animals and children, and the sounds of children interacting.”

Riane studied drawing at Shinjuku Art Institute but ended up putting her art career on pause to work for a company based in a different field. However, that love for art never veined, and she ended up returning to it thanks to the encouragement of her kids.

After a while, Riane started sharing her works on Instagram and quickly amassed a significant following on social media. She also organized several exhibits of her leaf art in Tokyo and started offering classes for those who wanted to try out leaf art.

You can check more of her works below.