Noriyuki Saitoh Creates Incredible Bamboo Insects

Insects are the biggest and most diverse group of organisms in the world. We sometimes forget that they even exist since they are so little, but for Japanese artist Noriyuki Saitoh, they are the main source of inspiration. He creates insect sculptures using bamboo and we just can’t look away from them!

What’s even more impressive is that they look very realistic, even matching the real-life size ones. Big or small, all kinds of insects are a part of his growing portfolio. The artist starts by creating the skeleton and adds the details with translucent craft paper. The result is incredible, looking like real wings that reflect light.

Saitoh doesn’t exactly try to get every detail perfect: “Since we are not making specimens or replicas, we prioritize the impression, characteristics, and sensation of appearance rather than rigorously measuring the dimensions and creating proportions accurately,” his website reads.

He enjoys leaving some room for imagination, so that the people seeing his art can fill the gaps themselves. He also believes that “it does not make much sense to create details that cannot be discerned by the human eye,” since his goal is for people to see his work in person.

Scroll down to see some insects from Saitoh’s impressive collection.