Devon DeJardin and AllRightsReserved Team Up for an Intriguing Series of Painted Bronze Sculptures

Los Angeles, California-based artist Devon DeJardin is a familiar name in the art world thanks to his series of paintings in which he explores the world of mythical creatures known as “Guardians”. Now, these creatures are coming to life thanks to collaboration with Hong Kong creative studio AllRightsReserved.

DeJardin and AllRightsReserved teamed up to create a new series of painted bronze sculptures known as Guardians Alastor. The project represents a culmination of DeJardin’s artistic journey in the past five years, most of which focused on expanding on his idea of guardians, mysterious entities that take up all sorts of different forms and provide protection and encouragement in moments of need.

The Guardians Alastor sculpture will be released in a limited quantity of 20 units. Interested collectors can apply on AllRightsReserved’s official webshop, DDTStore, and the 20 buyers will be determined via a draw in June.

“What’s exciting about this project is that sculptures provide permanence by existing as tangible, three-dimensional objects that endure over time,” said DeJardin when discussing the project in a video shared on DDTStore’s official social media. “The idea of having a ‘Guardian’ figure placed in locations all across the globe, during a time of ongoing world turbulence, I hope provides some type of comfort and protection to its host.”