Check Out These Cool Polymer Clay Miniatures From Clay Zoo

Polymer clay is an incredibly cool material. If you have talent and are ready to put in a lot of effort, you can do some amazing things with it. The miniatures from Clay Zoo are a great example of that.

Clay Zoo is a Korean artist who regularly shares videos on YouTube in which he showcases his newest polymer clay creations. This includes everything from figurines of pop culture characters like Yoshi from Super Mario, SpongeBob Squarepants, and various Pokemon to miniature polymer clay vessels and jewelry.

Every video features Clay Zoo, showing his creative process from start to finish. This includes everything from cutting the clay and putting different pieces together to revealing the final product that looks more impressive the longer you look at it.

Clay Zoo also shares various tutorials on his YouTube page. Internet users can learn everything about working with polymer clay, get some tips on how to get the best results and watch step-by-step projects they can recreate on their own and get a better feel for these types of artworks.

If you are intrigued to see other creations by Clay Zoo, make sure to visit his YouTube channel or continue scrolling to check out some of our favorites.