This Video of Steam Buns Fluffing Up is Oddly Satisfying

Some scenes feel satisfying to watch without any particular reasons. It is usually something simple like watching colors being mixed, woodworking or steam buns fluff up. In case you never watched the latter, you have been missing out.

Reddit users have been mesmerized by a video of steaming buns fluff up, which was posted on the subreddit r/oddlysatisfying. The 1:24-minute-long clip shows highly realistic steamed bun creations of animals, fruit, and veggies, expanding under heat. This includes crab, durian fruit, fish, cookies, flowers, and even an entire burger.

A lot of Redditors were quite amazed by the video.

“Took me way too long to reread the title and realize these were all buns,” u/eckliptic wrote.

“This absolutely knocked “eat more bread” right off my list of potential resolutions,” u/Emulocks added.

As it turns out, these steam buns are the works of a woman from China named Mima. She started making them during her COVID-19 pandemic and became an expert.

She explains that the process includes mixing dough with fruit and vegetable juice as well as powder made from fruit and veggies. Additionally, Mima also edible pigments or squid ink powder to put the finishing touches on steamed buns.