Hello Kitty and Crocs Team Up to Create a Cool Pair of Clogs

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty. Image by bertys30/Depositphotos

Hello Kitty, arguably the world’s most famous fictional cat, is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2024. As part of the celebration, Hello Kitty brand teamed up with footwear maker Crocs to create a cool pair of clogs.

Hello Kitty x Crocs clogs are predominantly white and come adorned with a glossy red heel strap and a blue stripe along the midsole. Hello Kitty’s signature red bow is also included, as well as the character’s logo on the insole and on the heel strap. The Crocs logo is placed on the back of the heel strap.

Hello Kitty x Crocs clogs will become available for purchase on January 17 on Crocs’ online shop and selected locations. The adult sizes will be priced at $70, while the kid and infant sizes will cost $55 and $50, respectively.

The character of Hello Kitty was first created in 1974 by Japanese designer Yuko Shimizu. It was first used on vinyl coin purses produced by the company Sanrio and later adorned various other fashion and household items. Over the years, Hello Kitty became a globally recognizable brand and made its way into animated series and films, comics, video games, and various other media.