Mayumi Yamamoto Creates the Most Adorable Felted Cats

Japanese artist Mayumi Yamamoto creates some of the most realistic felted cats we have ever seen. Yamamoto’s felted creations not only manage to capture all the physical features that make them so adorable but also their playfulness, curious nature, and even arrogance.

Yamamoto ventured into felting after receiving a felting kit as a gift from a friend. Being a big cat lover, she decided to make the felines the primary subject of her works. She liked the activity so much that she started using all her free time to create felted cats.

When Yamamoto first ventured into felting, the practice wasn’t as popular as it is today. As a result, she was forced to learn everything about felting on her own, going through a lot of trial and error before mastering the necessary techniques.

Nowadays, Yamamoto is an expert in felting, and the felted cats she regularly shares on her Instagram page show it. They look like real felines frozen in time while they are snoozing, chasing butterflies, or stretching after a long nap.

Yamamoto also enjoys sharing her knowledge with others, providing videos with felting tips on her Instagram. She is currently working on opening an online school to make felting courses available to everyone.