Everyday Life Inspires Brock DeBoer’s Astonishing Porcelain Sculptures

Brock DeBoer is an American artist who mainly works in ceramics. However, you won’t see DeBoer making plates and vessels. Instead, he creates astonishing porcelain sculptures inspired by everyday life.

DeBoer recreates everyday objects and items from pop culture, including cowboy boots, sneakers, basketballs, coolers, and much more.

According to DeBoer, he uses his “extensive knowledge of ceramic materials and processes” to bring his sculptures “a new life becoming heirlooms of the 21st century.

“By using classical motifs of cobalt patterns and true to life finishes DeBoer’s casts become suspended somewhere in the past and disguised in the present,” it states on his website.

DeBoer was born in South Dakota and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. The artist says that his Midwestern upbringing and the “ever-changing and vastly diverse landscape” of Los Angeles serve as a major influence on his work.

DeBoer received his Bachelor of Fine Arts-Ceramics degree at Kansas City Art Institute. His works have been exhibited across the United States in solo and group exhibitions while being featured in several high-profile publications like Create! Magazine and Fete Chinoise Magazine.

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