Check Out These Mouthwatering Glass Desserts By Shayna Leib

Shayna Leib cooks some of the mouthwatering desserts you’ll see on the internet. However, they do have one crucial flaw; they are made out of glass.

Leib has gained significant attention on social media in recent years thanks to her Pâtisserie series, in which she re-creates some of the most delicious desserts as glass sculptures. Her works are so exceptional that the only way you can be sure they are made out of glass is to believe the artist or touch them.

Lieb’s Pâtisserie series includes two collections of desserts: French and American. In the French collection, she recreated desserts like Creme de Cacao, Entremet la citron vert, and Chocolat noix de coco.

The American collection consists of frozen yogurt, popsicles, pecan pie, caramel apples, and more.

According to Lieb, she began making glass desserts due to her dietary restrictions that prevent her from indulging in most of them.

 “This body of work started as a therapeutic exercise in deconstruction and a re-training of the mind to look at dessert as form rather than food,” she explains on her website. “It soon became a technical riddle, and I became a food taxidermist of French pastries.”

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