5 Ultra Stylish Instagram Accounts To Follow in 2019

With more and more of the world’s most stylish, fashion-forward women chronicling their outfits on social media, we’ve seen the rise of many fashion icons outside the runways and movies which attracted a massive following with their stunning looks in many shades of cool. So if you want to dress to impress and need fresh ideas, here are five of the most exciting Instagram accounts devoted to fabulous fashion! 

Sylvie Mus 

One of the up-and-coming queens of street style, Sylvie Muss rocks a look that combines oversized elegant pieces and casual wear into iconic chic outfits.   

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off to dinner 🍷

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Asiyami Gold  

26-year-old model and photographer Asiyami Gold’s luscious, exotic photos have entranced over 160,000 followers who simply can’t get enough of her fashion ideas. 

Chrissy Rutherford

Chrissy Rutherford is not only a star in the fashionable community of Instagram, she is also the Senior Digital Fashion Editor at Harper’s Bazaar who is a regular at the industry’s events. 

Christie Tyler 

Christie Tyler is an NYC-based influencer and content creator with a drop-dead gorgeous vintage, sophisticated aesthetics within the neutral color palette that focus on clean lines and minimalist shapes. 

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@tibi love

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Amina Muaddi  

A shoe designer coming from rich and complex cultural roots, Amina Muaddi’s unique looks unify Middle Eastern and European elegance with her cutting-edge shoe collections.