6-Year-Old Girl’s Act of Kindness Changed A Boy’s Life

Image via Twitter

We’ve experienced being a child and we all know that the way a kid thinks is different from that of an adult. There are times we think that children are predictable in their simple ways, but there is one kindergarten teacher that was nicely surprised.

On May 5, Twitter user Katt (@_Kattaway) posted a note from her sister’s teacher. Mrs. Petree shared Peyton’s unexpected act of kindness that made her cry.

“Peyton is only 6 but believe me when I say she is going to change the world one day. And yes, I did cry,” Katt wrote about her sister’s good deeds. Her post got more than 202k likes and 50k retweets, commending the sweet little girl. Peyton has proved that a simple act of kindness can change someone’s life.