A Basic Barbie and Her Adventures

Imagine a young girl obsessed with the latest trends in fashion, casually slurping her Starbucks coffee and posting art photos with deep quotes in order to capture her real inner essence. Sound familiar? 

Yep, Instagram is getting increasingly bombarded with this kind of content, so it is only fair that some people have decided to show just how uncreative it is. 

Meet Socality Barbie, also known as Hipster Barbie. We are talking about a barbie doll who loves fun, long walks on the beach, pumpkin spice lattes, and Albert Einstein’s quotes.  

Her pictures seem to be the epitome of unique and authentic in terms of Instagram culture, so you can see her vigorously enjoying a hiking trail or taking a bubble bath while she feels blessed. Sometimes, her flannel-wearing boyfriend shows up and joins her in her “extraordinary” adventures.    

Other than walking around all day, she is a full-time Instagram influencer, a fashion expert and adviser, and of course, a part-time writer.  

This hilarious profile has over 840K followers and posts almost every day. The sarcastic photos and the appropriate quotes that go with them are what make this profile a breath of fresh air, even though it’s effectively characterizing a celebrated stereotype!