These Baker’s Hyper-Realistic Cakes Will Amaze You

Ah, cakes. One of life’s guiltiest pleasures.

It doesn’t matter what your cake of choice is. A cake is a cake, and a cake, well, is something that can make anyone smile. But, sometimes, cake can get boring. Not to say that they’re not delicious anymore, it’s just that, you want something different sometimes, and we’re not always talking about the flavor, rather, how the cake is presented.

If you find yourself stuck in that kind of situation, then you might want to shoot Luke Vincentini a message.

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Salty then sweet 🎂 ➡️ Swipe! ➡️

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This independent cake artist who hails from New Jersey will satisfy your cravings for both something sweet and eye-watering, as well as something that will pique your curiosity.

Creating cakes that taste just as good as they look, Luke’s work will have you do a double-take and wonder if what you’re really eating is cake or not.

If you’d like to see more of Luke’s work, then be sure to scroll down below.

Fair warning though, you might not want to proceed on an empty stomach.