These New “Pixie and Brutus” Comics Will Make Your Day Better

Dogs or cats? Some people prefer the former, while others prefer the latter, and that’s perfectly normal. We can’t all like the same things, after all. But, even if we have different choices when it comes to pets, most of us can agree that it’s always great to see cats and dogs together peacefully as if they were the best of friends.

Although these two aren’t real, the comic series, Pixie and Brutus features arguably the most popular cat and dog duo of today.

The webcomic, created by artist Ben Hed, contains some pretty amazing illustrations detailing the daily life and misadventures of a grizzled German Shepherd war veteran named Brutus and a rather naive kitten named Pixie.

Seeing as to how the internet just can’t seem to get enough of these two, Ben decided to delight fans with a couple of new webcomics.

Make sure that you scroll down below to see some new material that will definitely help brighten up your day.