Cartoonist Reimagines Music Icons as Squirrels

Have you ever thought what your favorite music icons would look like as squirrels?

The thing is, why would you think that?

Apparently, for cartoonist Frank Page, that’s one of the things that his creative mind thought of, because, well, that’s what happens when you work on the daily comic strip, Bob the Squirrel, for nearly two decades. And, just like any other artist, he just couldn’t let it go, which is why he decided to make it come true and reimagined famous musical icons, as well as other known personalities, as squirrels.

It’s a unique and peculiar take on the whole re-imagining trope that’s become quite common these days, but we do have to admit, it’s really interesting, and the art is really good too.

Titled ROCK BOB, these series of illustrations is 100 images we’ve picked out some of the best.

Be sure to check them out!