A Couple Created An Ink Sketch Of The City Of Inverness

In 2020 the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery will be a host to a wonderful piece of art – a gigantic ink sketch of Inverness, a city located in the Scottish Highlands, made by husband and wife Carl Lavia and Lorna Le Brendonchel. This piece is a part of their big project called “69 Cities Of The UK,” which involves creating enormous ink sketches of every town in the United Kingdom. Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh were the first three cities to be sketched.  

The beginning of each piece consists of extensive research consisted of gathering information from books, Google Earth, photographs, and other media. Then, Le Bredonchel creates the skeleton of the drawing, while Lavia builds up the buildings and streets in pencil and ink.  

Lavia is self-taught artist and he always had a passionate interest in maps, architecture and urban environment. Le Brendonchel studied at the University of Arts in London, and her job is to assist the sketching, document the ongoing process, do research and secure a space for the exhibition. 

All of the sketches they made so far were exhibited publicly and they even made a limited edition of signed prints and smaller format posters for collectors.