The Art Of Paper Folding At Its Finest

Cristian Marianciuc is an origami artist from Romania who has created 1000 origami cranes, one each day, on his path to fighting depression. In his early adulthood, he heard a story about Sadako Sasaki, a girl who suffered from leukaemia after World War II, and died before she got to fold her 1000th crane, which is the number of cranes you need to fold before you make a wish that will come true

. Marianciuc studied at an Australian university, where he deepened his knowledge of Japanese culture and cultivated his passion for this country. After returning to Europe, he had a hard time adjusting to old cultural habits, and that’s when the depression kicked in. He began folding cranes for 1000 days in order to create memories that he can look back on and remember every single one of those days.  

After a couple of years, he began posting his work on Instagram, and a supportive community of followers emerged pretty quickly. Over time, he developed a new technique and design style and upped his level of social involvement. Many people related to his story and were tremendously inspired by the way he fought for his mental health. 

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