Artist Depicts Relatable Relationship Moments

If we are to believe movies, children’s books and celebrity culture, relationships with other people are like perfect fairytales. They may start on the wrong foot, but the happy ending is inevitable, or so we thought. It’s real life that eventually teaches us that reality is almost never so smooth.  

With that in mind, Amanda Oleander makes illustrations which depict the everyday, mundane yet important details of a relationship between two people, that anyone can relate to.  

Amanda is a contemporary fine artist from Los Angeles who was recently listed as one of Pure Wow’s 100 Women Emerging In Culture. She works in the fields of fine art, technology, performance art and commercial work, and she manages to flawlessly bring all of them together. Oleander, whose popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, has created artworks for acclaimed media and organizations such as the E! Online platform and Greenpeace.  

The illustrations below depict couples in their home, fully relaxed, being themselves in their underwear, sporting hairy legs, beards and socks with holes. Many of them aren’t very glamorous, just like in real life, but through them the author is sending an important message about love which is all about being natural and true to yourself with your significant other. 

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Title: Cactus Legs

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