Artist Creates Dreamy, Playful Illustrations

Tamlyn Teow is an artist located in Australia. The main interest of her work are narratives and emotionally charged work. Her goal is to make art that makes people think, feel, question, share and inspire.  

She is an illustrator, painter and sculptor, which means that she produces a lot of different artworks, but you can still recognize her specific style in everything she creates, as well as her sense for experimentation in art. She has also been a production designer and art director on some short films.  

She says she sees art as a “one of a kind consequence of a unique temperament”, and the “best form of self-expression.” As shown by her playful and colorful illustrations and paintings, she likes to nurture her inner child and to bring an innocent sense of wonder to each piece. She is inspired by J.M. Barrie and Antoine de Saint-Exupery, who preached that maturity is not gauged by age or growing up, but rather “by the level of importance one holds for his inner child”.  

One could look at her work for hours, imagining the exciting stories standing behind them. Most of her pieces reflect deep emotions and inspire the viewer to fantasize and imagine.  

Enjoy her dreamy images!