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Edoardo Tresoldi’s Ghost-Like Structures are Something Else

Italian sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi describes himself as "the artist of the Absent Matter." A fit title when you see his colossal structures made entirely out of wire mesh. The transparency...

This Sculptor is a Master of Suspense

Self-taught artist John A. Peralta is interested in what makes things tick - the hidden machinery that make an object (or a machine) what it is. A self-proclaimed "Master...

Artist Creates Dreamy, Playful Illustrations

Tamlyn Teow is an artist located in Australia. The main interest of her work are narratives and emotionally charged work. Her goal is to make art that makes people think, feel, question, share and inspire.  

Amanda Cobbett Embroiders Nature, Quite Literally

Look closely: the pictures you see before you aren't of mushrooms, moss or discarded pieces of wood. Rather they are delicate sculptures made of stitch, papier mache, and pyrography.

Sculptor Transforms the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

We can't get enough of Genesis Belanger's surrealistic creations! The Brooklyn-based sculptor turns everyday objects such as cigarette stubs and soda cans, into fantastical, if comical, pieces of art.

Sculptor Creates Amazing Highly detailed Art Figurines

The artist known on social media as “el1ev1en” has some of the most hyperrealistic figurines you'll ever see. His work features sculptures and figurines of some popular...

This Artist Creates Stone Sculptures Without Any Glue or Cement

Sculptor Devin Devine creates dry stone art naturally. By pushing dry stone walling as far as it can go, these sculptures are all held together by gravity, no cement or any glue...


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