Edoardo Tresoldi’s Ghost-Like Structures are Something Else

Italian sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi describes himself as “the artist of the Absent Matter.” A fit title when you see his colossal structures made entirely out of wire mesh. The transparency of mesh makes for an interesting effect – creating ghost-like structures that indeed seem to be made of a sort of absent matter.

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S I M B I O S I is the site-specific installation conceived for @artesella sculpture park, the renowned open air museum in Italy’s Trentino Valley. The artwork is a turning point in Tresoldi’s evolution: for the first time, he hybridizes the transparency of the Absent Matter, expressed through the wire mesh, with the materiality of local stones. Entirely open towards the sky and reaching a height of 5 meters, "Simbiosi" composes a space of rest and contemplation, a ruin suspended between architecture, nature and temporal dimension. The artwork seems to challenge the force of gravity, like a body in suspension that levitates between consciousness and unconsciousness, between the material and immaterial world. A living organism, permeable yet intimate: an emotional communication channel with nature. • S I M B I O S I è la nuova opera site-specific per il parco artistico Arte Sella, in Trentino. L’opera si pone come un’opera di svolta nel percorso di Tresoldi che per la prima volta ibrida la trasparenza della Materia Assente, espressa attraverso la rete metallica, con la materialità delle pietre locali. Interamente aperta verso il cielo e alta 5 metri, l’opera compone uno spazio di sosta e contemplazione, una rovina sospesa tra architettura, natura e dimensione temporale. L’installazione sembra sfidare la forza di gravità, come un corpo in sospensione che levita tra coscienza e incoscienza, tra mondo materiale e immateriale. Un organismo vivo, permeabile ma intimo, un canale emotivo di comunicazione con la natura. Ph. @ilcontephotography • • • • #Edoardotresoldi #Artesella #Simbiosi #EdoardoTresoldixArteSella #ArteSella2019 #ArteSellasculpturepark #ruin #architecture #nature #AbsentMatter #mesh #wiremesh #transparency #Contemporaryart #ValdiSella #Trentino #VisitTrentino

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“I see in wire mesh poetics the depiction of a mental projection or, when related to history, the representation of what used to exist but is no longer there,” Tresoldi told Designboom. “Through transparency, I’m also able to keep a direct link with the environment and to establish a new kind of immersive experience for visitors.”

Cited by Forbes among the 30 most influential European artists under 30, Tresoldi’s structures have been featured in public spaces, archaeological contexts, contemporary art, and music festivals, as well as group shows.

“I deeply feel the charm of places and I recognize their expressive potential,” he explained. “My main interest is the relationship between the different elements of the landscape and how contemporary languages dialogue with each other, building its emotional structure. I always spend the right time studying and understanding the characteristics of the site, which become constituent parts of the work.”

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