A Must-See Animated Movie Dealing With Existentialist Themes

Some of the most important questions in our life are those that question the meaning and the ways of our existence. What often fascinates us in art is playing with different possibilities and the width of the artist’s imagination. Surreal art often addresses different possibilities of existing, and this animated movie is all about that. The story follows a man named Floyd, whose life becomes a surreal and abstract challenge after a moth flies into his ear and stays there.  

The name of the movie is Into the Flame and it was directed by Sean McClintock. It shows Floyd’s dramatic and dark journey in which he tries to escape his fate of becoming a moth and he also confronts his mortality. There is no dialog in the film, so it mostly combines graphic symbolism and animation to create the story that resonates on a deep level of perception.   

Though it lasts only 6 minutes, creating this project took two years. Everything about it is strange and unexpected, and the story certainly has some Kafkaesque elements.   

Check the pictures below and the film to see the amazing 6 minutes of Floyd’s psychological journey.