Artist Makes Amazing Sculptures From Recycled Metal

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure – we’ve come upon this saying quite a lot. In today’s society, where we tend to replace our worn-out possessions with new ones rather quickly, it’s a pretty unusual act to give used items a second life and turn them into something completely different and extraordinary.  

Brian Mock is an American artist from Oregon that has this gift and uses it regularly. He’s been drawing from an early age, and he started painting while also developing an interest in wood carving. He began sculpting intriguing pieces by using only recycled metal and further developed his skills. He is a self-taught artist, but his talents are on an astonishing level.  

Some of his work can be found in museums in New York, a lot of public spaces, and numerous luxury hotels across the country. We understand them – everyone would want a piece of his fantastic metal sculptures. Even though he is using knives, forks, and parts from old cars, the result is always an extraordinary metal sculpture with lots of details. He has made many different sculptures – from birds, dogs, and cats to people, gods, and mermaids.   

Check out his work in the pictures below.