Italian Artist Illustrates Violins With Ink

Leonardo Frigo is an Italian ink artist who combined his two biggest passions; his love for art and music. Based in London, the artist depicts biographies and stories on violins and cellos. He has been creating art since 2008 and for the last four years, he has been working on illustrating Dante Alighieri’s book titled Inferno. He has already finished 34 instruments, 33 violins, and one cello, each representing a specific canto.

“Dante’s Inferno has always inspired me since I was a child, I can probably say that it taught me to imagine and dream,” the artist wrote on Bored Panda. “Therefore, after taking notes and annotations about each canto, I start to search for symbols, names, and illustrations that, put together, tell the story written by Dante.”

When he is done with the drawing, the instrument is then varnished and installed on its base. Besides his personal project, Frigo accepts commissions as well. To see his work, check out the gallery below and follow him on Instagram for future updates.