Artist Creates Colorful Miniatures Inspired By the Colors of Hong Kong

Originally from India, designer Iswarya Venkat creates colorful paper miniatures inspired by the city of Hong Kong, a place where she now resides.

โ€œThough a concrete jungle, Hong Kong has a charm of its own which allows you to find the most vibrant colors that is a source of inspiration during the gloomiest days,โ€ the artist shared in an interview for Ballpit. โ€œI love creating colorful paper miniatures and seeing an idea take shape even at the end of a long working day is the most satisfying feeling.โ€

Growing up, she was inspired by Disney which taught her to look at every object as if it has a life of its own,โ€ Venkat revealed and added that she was always amazed and inspired by the attention to detail in Disney and she strive to achieve at least 10% of it her images.

She documents her work on Instagram, where she regularly gets hundreds of likes from her followers. Scroll down and check out her colorful miniatures below.