Adorable Dolphin Succulent Will Bring The Ocean Into Your Home

If you’re a plant person, have your own mini garden (or a big one!), have flowers in every room, we have a very interesting proposition for you. The Dolphin Succulent is a cross between a hot dog cactus and a string of pearls and it brings out the best of both, because so you literally get a necklace of dolphins!

This plant is a great way to bring a little ocean spirit into your home. The thing that makes it so lovable is that its leaves actually look like dolphins leaping out of the water. Senecio peregrinus is the Latin name for this beautiful succulent whose little dolphin leaves can branch off in green branches and reach up to 15cm in length! This eye catching succulent is a huge hit in Japan and it may be hard to find elsewhere, but there are some growers that sell it online.

Because it’s a hybrid, this plant demands special care. Even though it’s a succulent, it needs to be kept moist because otherwise the dolphins may pucker. It also likes a little crowd, so you can mix it with other succulents. It may be harder to find, but it will definitely give a unique charm to your home!