Adorable Fashion Illustrations Done By Young Artist Kerri Brown

From a young age, a freelance illustrator named Kerri Brown was always surrounded by art: she was training as a classical ballerina. But years later, she discovered that she likes illustration even more.

While visiting Bali, Brown found herself inspired by the local tattoo artist and illustrators. They were all working digitally, which turned out to be the triggering point for her to become a digital artist.

“I never thought I was that patient when it came to creating art, so I loved any medium that allowed me to bring my vision to life quickly. This is why digital art has changed my life! I love using the Procreate App. It has really allowed me to experiment and bring my ideas to life without wasting any medium,” she said in an interview for Ballpit. She also added that before discovering the digital world, she would work with watercolors and posca pens.

Although she is still working on her color palettes, one thing is for sure: fashion illustration will always be her number one influence.

“I love drawing people and characters that represent a certain mood that is usually bold and sassy. I would say my alter ego shines through most of the characters I draw,” she explained. “My overall style consists of a quirky concoction of current trends mixed with playful color palettes resulting in bold stylized characters.”

Check out the gallery below.