Hoi Chan’s Dreamy Illustrations are Inspired By Nature and Emotions

Hoi Chan is a New Orleans-based illustrator who creates dreamy illustrations inspired by nature and human emotions. His works are characterized by surreal elements, soothing colors, and remarkable ways in which their elements come together to form a captivating experience for the viewer.  

Chan, who is originally from Hong Kong but has been living in the United States for the past eight years, explains on his website that he draws inspiration from his “observations of nature and personal emotions”. According to the artist, his work “intricately weaves elements from the natural world, serving as a means to unravel and dissect the complex emotions that reside within the human mind.”

Thanks to their unique nature, Chan’s illustrations have received significant recognition in the art world. He was honored twice at the American Illustration competition while also receiving a Merit Award at ADC 101st Annual Awards.

Additionally, Chan has been working with a number of high-profile media outlets to provide illustrations for their stories and magazine covers. His clients include The New Yorker, The New York Times, Bloomberg, Wired, and The Atlantic, among others.

Chan also frequently shares his newest illustrations on social media. You can check out more of them below.