Adorable Illustrations By Russian Artist Svetlana Shendrik

Svetlana Shendrik is a Russian artist who uses mixed media in her work, like computers, paints, and pencils. She says that her artistic journey began in her childhood and that she has been doing illustrations for more than a decade.

Shendrik loves landscapes and is inspired by interesting true-life stories, nature, music, and the successes of other people. She describes her artistic process as not predictable.

“Sometimes you know immediately what you will draw, sometimes not. But it all starts with a sketch. The main thing here is not to wait for inspiration, but to start working. And inspiration will come in the process,” she shared in an interview for Ballpit.

Her work has been featured in media worldwide, including 3petitspoints Magazine, ICONAMAGAZINE, Tigress, and more.

She documents her work on Instagram where her photos regularly get hundreds of likes from her 3,000 followers. We really enjoyed browsing through her page and we believe that you will enjoy it, too. Follow her for future updates.