This Artist Collects Vintage Magazine Cutouts to Create His Art

27-year-old Bruno Baraldi is a digital artist who likes mixing spacey thematic with giant or tiny people. He says that playing with real proportions is his “go-to aesthetic.” He starts his process with image hunting. He uses vintage magazines and old postcards cuts to create something from scratch.

“I see everything as a collage. Every time I’m outside in the big city or somewhere like a waterfall, my brain automatically sees things that could be a collage: giant people, 4 moons, floating eyes. Everything I see I imagine what could it be if I was sitting in my workspace creating. And I do! As soon as I arrive home, I create what I just imagined in my brain while I was outside,” the artist said in an interview for Ballpit.

Baraldi shares his images on his Instagram account where he has attracted more than 16,000 admirers. If you are interested to see his collages, check out the gallery below or follow him on Instagram for more.