Aheneah’s Cross-Stitch Works of Street Art

Ana Martins, aka Aheneah, has managed to bring the cross-stitch to an unattainable level, creating huge murals made of colored threads.

To the young Portuguese designer, colored threads are enough to create fascinating works of art that combine old and new. The goal is to rejuvenate the common idea that you have on cross-stitching. It is something that tends to take us back in time, which makes us think of our grandmothers, a pastime that nobody does anymore. Aheneah took her grandmother’s embroidery lessons and combined them with her design knowledge.

With careful design work and a lot of patience, Ana manages to recreate the effect of cross-stitching on the walls, using meters and meters of colored thread and nails.

His latest work was done in Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal, near a school. What drove her to create this work was the idea that her work could somehow make a road that the kids walk daily less boring. It is a mural, if you can define it, made up of 2,300 screws and almost 760 meters of yarn.

In an original and colorful way, Aheneah managed to connect two distant generations, and achieved all this through a thread.