Amazing 3D Street Paintings by Leon Keer

Image via leonkeer/Instagram

Originally from Utrecht in the Netherlands, Leon Keer specializes in 3D street painting. Famous in the whole world since the end of the ’90s, the street artist creates amazing works by drawing with chalk on the pavement. From simple trompe-l’oeil to giant anamorphosis, Leon Keer also works with major brands such as Red Bull, Absolut, Coca-Cola, Heineken and Evian.

From Dubai to Venice via Detroit and Tahiti, this Dutch artist creates impressive spacial drawings that have the distinction of giving an impression of volume or depth.

Thanks to his mastery of perspective, the optical illusion is perfect from a certain angle of view, meaning the spectators can photograph themselves playing with his works.

Here is a small selection of Leon Keer’s latest works.