AI-Powered Architectural Series Imagines Buildings of the Future

Artificial intelligence is slowly making its way into all aspects of creative work. It started with simple art interventions, then full-on artworks, and now AI is reimagining the world around us by creating architectural designs for the buildings of the future.

There are many AI-powered architectural series on the internet these days. But the one that captured our attention the most is Synthetic Architecture. According to its creators, the goal of the series is to explore new territories “for architectural theory and practice” through the use of the AI program Midjourney.

The works in this series cover all sorts of different constructions, ranging from homes and apartment buildings to malls and stadiums. They also seem to be based in their basic elements on various established styles, but those existing solutions are pushed to extremes, at least from a traditional point of view. 

Synthetic Architecture aims to give us a better image of how the world around us will look once the next architectural revolution starts. And considering the influence of AI on design recently, this image, no matter how outlandish it might look, could be quite on point.

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