Check Out These Simplistic and Charming Illustrations by Alice Bowsher

Alice Bowsher is an illustrator based in London, UK, who creates simplistic and charming illustrations. Her works usually focus on adorable characters that have a doodle vibe to them but with so much more personality.

Most of the characters featured in Bowsher’s illustrations have some quirky and unexpected dimensions to them. This can be anything from a bear wearing cowboy boots and reading a book to an aristocratic crocodile who comes bearing gifts.

You can see Bowsher’s works in numerous ways. Besides posting them on social media, the artist also released several books, has several murals across London, and did a design of strawberry-flavored beer produced by Camden Town Brewery.

One curiosity about Bowsher is that she actually never intended to pursue a career in illustration. She originally studied Fine Arts but discovered it wasn’t for her. She later switched to Graphics, where one professor noticed her gift for illustration and encouraged her to explore it further.

Bowsher decided to give it a try and never regretted it once.

“I enjoy creating things that make people smile,” she shared in a recent interview with Creative Boom. “Sometimes it can feel a bit pointless drawing silly things all day, but I think there is some importance in giving people some sweet relief from relentless bad news.”

Check out more of her cool works below.