Akie Nakata Turns Stones Into Beauty

Beauty is all around us, even in the most unexpected places. This young, Japanese artist called Akie Nakata believes in it with all of her heart.  

She lives near a river, and every time she wanted to go somewhere she would look down and see a lot of stones, some more unique than others, so she got an idea. Why not take them and turn them into something new and creative – and she did! She started searching for unusual stones to try and turn them into a story.  With a little help from acrylic paints, she started creating beautiful stone animals that look so lively that you want to touch them to make sure they are not real.  

Nakata turns the stones into birds, cats, dogs and even tiny little, definitely-not-scary snakes. Her home is an entire animal kingdom and she loves it.

Check out her Instagram to see how you can get fascinating results if you mix together nature, creativity and art.