The Shoe Surgeon Shows You How Beautiful Old Shoes Can Be

How unique can a person get? How many limited editions sneakers can you order until you realize that those pairs are limited, yes, but not unique, you are not the only person in the world who has them. If this is a problem in your every-day life, it’s about time you meet The Shoe Surgeon. His job is exactly what it sounds like, he takes old sneakers and turns them into unique treasures.  

Dominic Ciambrone – better known as  The Shoe Surgeon seemed to always have an affinity for slicing and dicing rare editions of shoes, which made him somewhat of an Instagram celebrity with over 676,000 followers so far.  

His shop is in Los Angeles and there you can either buy his original designs or come up with your own, of course – if you have the cash to spare.  Imagine your wildest dreams, a combination of fusion that seems logical only in your head. Dream it – he can make it – dreamier!  

Dominic is actually so good at what he does that he is even offering training courses for young people who want to follow his footsteps and become shoe surgeons themselves.