Alexis Taïeb’s Typography Art is All the Rage

Like many typography artists, Alexis Taïeb’s love for the written word began with graffiti. “I started in graffiti and moved into typography, so I brought that street style and energy into my work in a way that seems to connect with people,” he explained his creative identity in an interview with Creative Bloq. “But of course, I know that I’m not the only person who’s followed this path.”

But graduating from the street and transitioning into the art of typography (which in Taïeb’s case is mostly digital), took time and effort. “I think one thing that helps make my work distinctive and different is that it’s underpinned by a proper understanding of the fundamental principles of typography, which I taught myself,” he notes.

Known online as Tyrsa, Taïeb’s work has attracted over the years some of the biggest names out there, with selected clients including brands like Apple, Netflix, McDonald’s, and Nike, as well as hip hop artist Childish Gambino. He’s also created quite the splash on Instagram, with over 70k followers to date.

But according to Taïeb, his work isn’t just about cool-looking lettering. Rather, his aim is to follow the function of typography in an organized manner, matching each project with the specific client. “My parents were very unhappy with me doing graffiti originally,” he says, “so every day I feel blessed that I can work as a designer and keep creating cool new things.”